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Released weekly on Thursdays, The Real Estate Hustle Podcast is hosted by Mega Agent Andre Chin. It features off-the-cuff interviews with top producing agents of various backgrounds, niches, experiences and business levels. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts and YouTube.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 29 - Andy Hannigan



  2. Episode #28 - Katie Benson

    An expert on growth, mindset and the real estate teams, Katie Benson advises PLACE Expansion Partners on how to grow their businesses. Katie’s mission is to impact change by identifying small changes in your business that will yield big results. Katie has a track record of growing real estate teams ...


  3. Episode #27 - Austin Keitner

    Austin Keitner, of The Keitner Group presented by Place INC, based in the Greater Toronto Area, is an 8 year veteran of the real estate industry and has represented clients all over the Greater Toronto Area. With more than $100,000,000 volume YTD this May 2021, Austin has not only built ...


  4. Episode #26 - Holly Priestner

    For more than a decade, Holly has been building teams and developing talent in leading corporations, associations, and nonprofits. She believes that organizations are powered by empowered leaders and is passionate about providing people with the tools to unlock the potential and motivation of their employees. Her expertise includes talent ...


  5. Episode #25 - Brian Erhahon

    Brian has seen the industry from many different perspectives. Being in the industry since; he’s only lived real estate. From the beginning of his real estate career, he’s been clear about operating his business at the highest level possible. This thinking allowed him in 2018 to become a National Association ...